JS -Notes

What's the core difference between arrow function and regular named/anonymous function? Answer MDN Explain how this works in JavaScript. There's no simple explanation for this; it is one of the most confusing concepts in JavaScript. A hand-wavey explanation is that the value of this depends on how the function is called. If the new keyword is used when calling the function, this inside the… Continue reading JS -Notes


HTML – Notes

What does a doctype do? DOCTYPE is an abbreviation for "document type". It is a declaration used in HTML to distinguish between standards mode and quirks mode. Its presence tells the browser to render the web page in standards mode. What are data- attributes good for? Before JavaScript frameworks became popular, front-end developers used data- attributes to make HTML elements contain extra information… Continue reading HTML – Notes


Relation between CommonJS, AMD and RequireJS?

  What are JavaScript modules? What is their purpose? Definition: how to encapsulate a piece of code into a useful unit, and how to register its capability/export a value for the module. Dependency References: how to refer to other units of code. CommonJS is a way of defining modules with the help of an exports object, that defines… Continue reading Relation between CommonJS, AMD and RequireJS?


ReactJs – Component Life Cycle

React provides developers with many methods or “hooks” that are called during the life-cycle of an component, which allows us to update the UI and application state. Knowing when to use which of them is crucial to properly understanding how to work with React. ReactJs is a javascript library for building user interfaces. What is User… Continue reading ReactJs – Component Life Cycle